Advanced Fluorescence Imaging

Project Summary

This service project will provide access to advanced fluorescence imaging modalities and project-targeted support from imaging experts, to allow CRC partners to focus on their research on content, and not technical details. Two state-of-the-art microscopes, one inverted confocal and one upright confocal/ two-photon (2P), offer ultrasensitive spectral detection and advanced imaging modules, such as fluorescence lifetime imaging and deconvolution-based superresolution. The 2P-system also allows label-free visualisation of collagen networks. A key objective of S1 is the design and realisation of multiparametric experiments that combine advanced imaging with specialist biophysical measurements, such as patch clamp. An automated bright-field/ fluorescence scanner is available for high throughput digitisation of stained slides. In addition, optical mapping of tissue and organ function, using fluorescent reporter dyes (for example for voltage or Ca2+), is offered at three spatial resolutions: microscopic (field of view 0.8 mm), mesoscopic (8 mm), and macroscopic (80 mm). Currently under development is optoacoustic mapping of cardiac electrophysiological function, where light is used to activate acoustic reporters (of voltage or Ca2+), whose activity and location can be tracked in 3D using ultrasound tomography. Finally, S1 offers comprehensive support in image processing and innovative analysis procedures.