Information Infrastructure Project for Research Data Management

Project Summary

This project will develop and provide a research data management (RDM) system for the CRC. This is guided by the RDM policy of Freiburg University and will build on the RDM system that is currently being implemented at the Faculty of Medicine in accordance with national and international initiatives. The RDM system will comprise Data Use and Access regulations, centralised storage, support for annotation of data sets with metadata, and long-term storage. There are three core data types: imaging data, clinical data at the interface to research, and sequencing data – with corresponding close links to S1, S2, and S3, respectively – which lend themselves to a structured approach. Our aim is to progressively include all types of data generated by the CRC projects, including process descriptions and analysis workflows. Our RDM will be technically implemented via a central version-controlled server for research data, which will be linked to additional tools for managing and sharing research data of the CRC. For implementing accessibility and re-usability within and beyond the CRC, a Data Use and Access Committee will be established. Targeted training modules will be developed jointly with the Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine (SGBM) and offered to all CRC members, forming an essential part of graduate training.