Mineralocorticoid Receptors as Key Regulators of Cardiac Lesions

Project Summary

This project analyses mechanisms of transcriptional control in right ventricular and atrial remodelling, focusing on the mineralocorticoid receptor. Mineralocorticoid receptor, a nuclear transcription factor, is a key player in left ventricular remodelling. Despite a common final pathway, leading to fibrosis and dysfunction, the molecular basis of right ventricular and atrial remodelling is less well understood than that in left ventricular, and it has not been addressed therapeutically. P05 will (i) identify the cell types in which mineralocorticoid receptor contributes to right ventricular and atrial remodelling and (ii) investigate epigenetic mechanisms that determine cell type-specific transcriptional regulation by mineralocorticoid receptors, with the aim of identifying potential targets for pharmacological modulation of right ventricular and atrial remodelling.