Reticulated Platelets Enhance Myocardial Scarring After Ischaemia / Reperfusion Injury

Project Summary

This project examines a hitherto ill-investigated subpopulation of the most numerous myeloid cell representative – platelets. Reticulated (i.e. young RNA-rich) platelets are hyper-reactive and have features not present in mature platelets. P07 will study their contribution to excess post-ischaemia/reperfusion scarring by amplifying leukocyte or resident cell responses, using novel models for in vivo and in vitro research. The project validates findings across species in a myocardial infarction model, and it will conduct an observational clinical study, correlating concentrations of reticulated platelets with clinical outcomes post-myocardial infarction. A better understanding of this platelet subpopulation and its interaction partners will help in identifying novel therapeutic targets to complement or improve conventional antiplatelet therapy during post-ischaemia/reperfusion lesion development.