Phenotypes, Interactions, and Functions of Cells of the Adaptive Immune System in the Healing Heart

Project Summary

This project studies contributions of the adaptive immune system to inflammatory responses and post-myocardial infarction cardiac remodelling. Antigen-specific T and B cell subsets, recruited to the injured myocardium, will be identified by scRNA-seq, bioinformatic deconvolution of their respective T and B cell receptor DNA-sequences, and mass cytometry (CyTOF). Cell phenotypes and transcriptomes will be compared and correlated to those found across other CRC projects at different time points in various myocardial disease models, using bioinformatic alignment. P06 will identify antigen-specific, myocardial infarction-relevant lymphocyte sub-populations and their functional role in genetic and therapeutic loss/ gain of function models with specific emphasis on their interaction with non-leukocyte, tissue-resident cells.