Tracking Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Scar Formation at Single-Cell Resolution

Project Summary

This project builds on unique expertise in single-cell transcriptome analysis to determine spatial and temporal dynamics of cardiac gene expression in individual cell types. Planned studies will provide an essential basis for determining the heterogeneity of cardiomyocyte and non-myocyte populations in cardiac lesions (myocardial infarction, ablation), offer the first spatial maps of single-cell RNA-sequencing derived cell identities in and around focal lesions, and characterise potential molecular players involved in cell-cell interactions. Data from P01 will serve as anchor points for targeted single-cell analyses by other CRC investigators and for our service project S3. At the same time, the unbiased approach used in P01 will allow us to identify rare and hitherto under-investigated non-myocyte types and their activation states during dynamic lesion development, as potential targets in the future.